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The Constitution is more than just the organizing document for our government. It’s a statement of the lasting principles upon which the great American experiment was founded.

While more than two centuries have past since the words “We the People” came to define a new nation, the Constitution is just as applicable to the challenges we face today as those that tested the Founding Fathers.

Dan Schwartz is a true Constitutional Conservative. In fact, Dan has authored two books on the subject, PRINCIPLES OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC and FIREBELL IN THE NIGHT.

FIREBELL was inspired by a letter written by Thomas Jefferson in 1820 in which he likened the Missouri Compromise, allowing Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state, to a “fire bell in the night” that “awakened and filled me with terror.”

Dan Schwartz is a principled Constitutional Conservative who will defend our rights in Congress. In FIREBELL, he makes the case that the Constitution is the key to navigating today’s most complicated and divisive issues.

To read the Introduction to FIREBELL, click here.

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