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Nevada is a closed primary system which means you can only vote in the primary election in which you’re a registered party member. As an example, Republicans can only vote in Republican primaries and Democrats can only vote in Democrat primaries. There are no runoffs in Nevada so whichever candidate receives the most votes will move on to the general election.

In a Presidential year (2016), Democrats barely took the state by only 27,202 votes which resulted in Hillary Clinton winning by 47.92% to Donald Trump at 45.50%. Nevada is a swing state that can either go Republican or Democrat depending on the motivation of the electorate.

Dan Schwartz already has name ID in Nevada from being elected Nevada State Treasurer. His record as State Treasurer was superb: he quintupled returns on the General Fund by 5x; called out a $175 million bond issue to fund a phantom electric auto manufacturing facility; reduced the processing period from 120 to 25 days for unclaimed property; and stood up for parental choice in K-12 education. Schwartz has a business background, is a veteran, and is financially viable. Schwartz is the ideal candidate to run for office whose record will appeal to moderates, swing voters, and the Republican base

Currently, Nevada Congressional District 3 is held by Susie Lee who is a lackluster Democrat. Susie shows up to events and stays active in the district, but outside of that, she is an unremarkable one term congresswoman. The last Republican to hold the district was Joe Heck. In 2014. He held the seat by 60.75%.

In the Primary, the only real opponent is Dan Rodimer who has a lengthy rap sheet (see p. 5) and would be handily defeated in the general election either from running so far right or by his past. Dan Schwartz is the only viable option for the Republicans in Nevada CD 3.


Current Total Republican Registered Voters: 527,931


2016 General Election

D-Jacklyn Rosen 146,653 47.23%
R-Danny Tarkanian 142,726 45.97%

2016 Republican Primary Election

R-Danny Tarkanian 9,002 31.98%
R-Michael Roberson 6,759 24.01%
R-Michele Fiore 5,124 18.21%
R-Andrew Matthews 3,975 14.12%
R-Kerry Bowers 1,569 5.57%
R-Annette Teijeiro 1,336 4.75%
R-Sami Khal 381 1.35%
Total: 28,146 100%


Schwartz has an advantage over previous candidates due to his already established name ID and solid reputation throughout the state of Nevada. Schwartz will focus on bringing up his name ID in the district. Due to the fact that this is a swing district, this will be a battle of name ID and favorables for the primary and general.

In the primary, Schwartz already has a financial advantage against Rodimer. Susie Lee is a one-term congresswoman, and her status remains fluid. To improve his name ID, Schwartz will attend service club meetings, ask for endorsements, speak at Republican clubs, hold high-level fundraisers, speak at chamber-of-commerce meetings, and call high-level donors. These are all organic means to bring up Schwartz’s name ID.

However, Schwartz will do more than concentrate on organic means in the Primary. Schwartz will start running TV ads, digital, mail, GOTV, radio, paid door knocking program, and have a volunteer program ready to go. This assures that Schwartz dominates the primary early on and begins to build momentum against Susie Lee.


(Booking photo courtesy of Collier County, FL from his arrest at the Waffle House in 2011)


2011. According to witness statements, Rodimer was in the Waffle House, Naples, FL “harassing” some ladies. The victim told him to leave them alone. According to the victim and a witness, Rodimer picked up the male victim by the neck and threw him against a chair and onto the floor. The victim claimed Rodimer then proceeded to say that he liked to “fuck people up” and “was egging me on to fight him.” Rodimer plead guilty to battery and accepted a misdemeanor deferred prosecution plea agreement. Rodimer was ordered to attend anger management school.


2011. Rodimer was arrested for assaulting a fellow law school student in Collier County, FL. The law school student, Alan Escobar, was allegedly hit in the face by Dan Rodimer and was knocked unconscious at Club Pure in Collier County, FL.


2013. Rodimer was arrested on 3/7/2013 for a fight he got involved in at Bond Restaurant in Collier County, FL. Rodimer allegedly sucker-punched a victim in the face.


2006. The police were called for a domestic violence call in Pinellas County, FL. A neighbor filed a complaint against Rodimer and his then-live-in girlfriend, Nicole Boekenoogen. According to the sheriff, Dan got upset with Nicole because she received a phone call from a male friend of hers, and a loud argument started and then escalated.


2009-2010. Rodimer was sued for forging loan documents. Rodimer was sued by Randal K. Orton, a WWE wrestler, because Orton claimed Rodimer forged Orton’s signature on a loan that he and his company, Legend Developmental Services, LLC, took for $1,449.600.00. He subsequently defaulted on the loan for a construction project. Orton found this out when he and his wife applied to refinance a mortgage on their home in St. Charles, MO in April 2009.


2010. Rodimer was sued for non-payment of a $100,000.00 loan. Rodimer was sued for fraud and non-payment of a loan made to him by Prosperity Bank, a Harris County, TX bank. Prosperity bank claimed Rodimer misrepresented himself and his ability to pay when they made the loan.


2011 . Rodimer and his company, Legend Development Services, LLC, were sued for non-payment of services rendered by ProBuild Company, LLC, a remodeling company, for $18,209.51 in Harris county Texas.


2011. First National Bank sued Dan Rodimer, both personally and in his incorporated name, for $350,979.57. Judgment was rendered against him on 6/24/2011.


2013: Rodimer was sued for non-payment of his mortgage on a condominium at 2186 Edythe Drive, Dunedin, FL for $214,000 by Wells Fargo Bank on 5/22/2013.


2012. A judgment against Rodimer’s company, Legend Development Services, is listed as still outstanding with Harris County, TX for $156.885.12; for the actual judgment at an 18% interest rate until it’s paid; for attorneys’ fees of $120,494.56 and, for plaintiff’s recoverable costs of $2,941.10. The total amount of damages is $280,320.78.


2009. State tax lien against Rodimer’s Company Envy-Me, LLC: This company was slapped with a state tax lien in Texas for $2,594.00 on 9/25/2009.


2007. Rodimer was given a citation for driving with a suspended license in Clearwater, FL. He was given another citation for driving with a suspended license for failure to comply with a traffic summons, in Kentucky, (Clearwater, FL, police report # 2007-8660).


Any Democrat opponent would not hesitate to exploit Rodimer’s weaknesses and Susie Lee is no exception. Either through his total lack of political experience; his failed business ventures; bullying; multiple lawsuits for fraud, forgery and defaults, Rodimer would be crushed in the general election.

Susie Lee had $734,214.87 cash on hand in June 2019, and we can expect that she will have raised over $1 million by next filling period. Schwartz’s greatest challenge will be the cash gap that will be created by the time the general election starts. Schwartz’s job as the Republican nominee will get easier, though, when it comes to raising money from donors. However, for now in the Primary, every donation matters and is important to the Schwartz campaign.

Susie Lee already has a history of voting with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time and AOC 92% of the time. Messaging will be highly important in handling Susie Lee in the general election. Socialism needs to be defined clearly and concisely to the voter. The campaign must stress that Democrats want to undermine the foundations of the world’s most successful economy.

Based on the previous history, Nevada Congressional District 3 is a swing district. This race is the NRCC’s and Dan Schwartz’s race to either win or lose.

Polling Results

If the election for Congress were held today, would you vote Republican or Democrat?




Schwartz has retained McShane LLC, based in Las Vegas, Nevada and Washington, D.C. Headed by Rory McShane, McShane LLC was involved in 40 campaigns in 2018, with 22 victories from City Council to United States Congress. The senior team at McShane LLC has been involved in hundreds of campaigns across 27 states.

Rory McShane is a political analyst for Fox News, Politico, Sky News London, L.A. Times, Denver Post and more. Rory also teaches the Campaign Management School and Future Candidate School at the Leadership Institute in Washington, D.C.

Also under the McShane LLC banner, Ed Williams will be heading up Schwartz’s digital campaign. Ed is a successful web executive and the former IT Director of the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Ryan Neel is the Senior Strategist for McShane LLC with experience ranging from local races all the way to U.S Senate races. Ryan brings with him a winning record and a wide range of campaign strategy and logistical experience to the team from all over the country.

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